Create a Covid-19 contact tracing poster for Marae using Google Forms and QR Codes


This video tutorial will show you how to create a Covid-19 contact tracing poster. This is a 3 part tutorial which begins with creating a Google Form, then linking this to a QR Code, and then inserting your QR Code in to a pre-made poster. 

We have provided a blank template here if you would like to create your own poster.

We have provided a sample Google Form questionnaire so you can see what we ask visitors to our Marae.

 While this tutorial is focused on creating a contact tracing poster for a Marae, the same process could be used in any setting where you might want to keep a register of attendees.  The point therefore of this video is to show how Marae can keep their own record of attendees at hui.

 Please note that this is NOT intended to replace or be used as an alternative to the Ministry of Health Contract Tracing poster. You must use this poster as well, as this data is collected for national safety.


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